Google Business Profile: Introduction to Kickstarting Your Hospital’s Online Presence

Google Business Profile: Introduction to Kickstarting Your Hospital’s Online Presence

With a simple Google Business Profile, your hospital can reach out to more patients in your community, and establish a credible and reliable reputation. 

What is Google Business Profile? 

As the world’s most popular and largest search engine platform, Google serves as the first stop for users and consumers exploring the internet. Need more information about the destination you’re visiting? Google it. Want to learn more about your area’s history? Google has the answers. Even when looking for the nearest clinics and hospitals, Google really comes in handy.  

With this, it’s almost imperative for brands to set up their presence on the search engine’s results page. Fortunately, there’s Google Business Profile.  

Google Business Profile is one aspect of the Google Merchant Center. Free and customisable, it allows you to take control of your branding message and image every time a user finds you on the search engine results page (SERP). With it, you can also provide relevant audiences with basic information about your business, a helpful strategy especially for hospitals and healthcare providers.  

How it Can Help My Hospital? 

It’s hard to ignore the growing number of people and patients seeking health-related information and services online. The internet has virtually made everything more convenient, accessible, and easier. If you’re a hospital looking to tap potential patients through the web, having a Google Business Profile can be your most beneficial decision. 

Improve Your Hospital’s Online Visibility for Free

Registering your hospital on Google Business is absolutely free. On top of that, it drives your hospital’s website and other important information like your address, operating hours, contact details, and even reviews, to the topmost portion of the SERP, ultimately gaining more visibility.  

Connect with High-Intent Audiences

Business owners should always remember that people rely on Google to look form information quickly and efficiently. In particular, information about local or nearby businesses including hospitals. According to Google, websites of healthcare service providers optimised for local searches have a competitive advantage considering that local, health-related searches have doubled since 2015.  

Build Credibility Online 

Credibility is a vital aspect in any healthcare-oriented business. Reviews and ratings from your recent clients and patients can take your hospital further. With a Google Business Profile, you can showcase their feedbacks to the users who may discover you. Moreover, reliable information relating to your business displayed on the internet can help people locate you, and even earn their trust.  

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There’s so much in store for brands that want to leverage Google. Consult our team of digital marketing specialists to know more about helpful Google tools for your marketing goals. 

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