A Successful Webinar Marketing Case Study For health365.sg and TN Advisory Group
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A Successful Webinar Marketing Case Study For health365.sg and TN Advisory Group

health365.sg is a neutral healthcare and aesthetic publisher in Singapore. We have adopted webinar marketing to engage with healthcare professionals, patients, caregivers and members of the public. We found that this is a good way to raise public awareness of cancers, cardiovascular diseases and chronic diseases. Here is our webinar case study:

Pre-webinar Marketing:

Marketing promotions for the webinar started at least 2 weeks before the webinar. And there were 2 vital channels for marketing communication: first-party databases and Youtube video ads.

We had our followers’ contacts, including emails, Whatsapp and FB messengers. Engaging with followers regularly with useful and insightful content is a crucial way to maintain a good relationship. And the cost per acquisition is far lower than that for getting a brand-new prospect. 

To penetrate the broader population, we picked Youtube as the first platform, because this is the biggest video platform globally and in Singapore, where there is a greater number of audience members consuming video content. 

We do not do mass brand awareness marketing to every Singaporean, but instead, we target segments of the population more likely to be interested in diseases and treatments, in need of treatment, or likely to be a caregiver. 

During The Webinar

Our webinar guest speakers: Dr Wong Siew Wei, a senior consultant and medical oncologist from Parkway Cancer Centre and Ms Pamela Chong, an associate manager from TN Advisory Group shared an insightful and fruitful discussion that night. Here are the topics that were covered:

  • What is the structure for determining how much a patient needs to pay for cancer drug treatment?
  • How do we protect against loss of income during cancer treatment?
  • Is there a recommended level of protection for most people?

After 2 weeks of promotions, we have 200,000 impressions in total, and 1,000 unique visitors going to the registration page.

Two-thirds of the participants were over 40 years old. People in this age group have a higher chance of cancer, or they may be caregivers to cancer patients.  

The audience raised insightful questions, for example:

  • How to pick the suitable insurance package to manage the potential cost of cancer treatment
  • Do off-label treatments give better outcomes than on-label treatments for cancers

Post-Webinar Marketing

We can obtain valuable resources: 

  1. Attendees who have follow-up questions to presenters and guest speakers
  2. Post-webinar survey and questionnaire
  3. Enrich the first-party database for optimising the marketing for future events or webinars

Audiences gave our webinar 4.7 out of 5 marks because they thought the guest speakers were well-prepared, insightful and knowledgeable. They look forward to our next webinar about cancer treatments and methodologies.

The post-webinar summary for those who couldn’t attend the event.

About ehub365

Ehub365 is a medical & healthcare marketing agency in Singapore. We tailor digital services for pharmaceutical firms, medical institutes and healthcare innovative businesses – from webinar marketing to website marketing (SEO and SEM) and performance-based advertising optimisation. 

In order to bring to our readers the best and most relevant health information in Singapore, we have the Expert Advisory Board, an independent board with top medical doctors and health practitioners, who review and approve medical-related content to ensure their quality.

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