Ehub365 Training

WSQ Approved Training Organisation (ATO)

Business Innovation through Digital Transformation
(Classroom and Synchronous E-Learning)



Real Estate & Insurance Professionals

1. How to generate leads via SEO, SEM & Social
2. Messenger - Wechat & Telegram
3. Security, Privacy & Scam Alets

Travel & Hospitality Professionals

1. How to increase sales and generate direct bookings for your business
2. Influencer, SEO, SEM and Social
3. Security, Privacy & Scam Alets

Digital Training for Finance Professionals

1. Digital Media Landscape and common terms
2. Digital Marketing Budgeting & Payments
3. Security, Privacy & Scam Alets

Executive Hub -
Knowledge Reshape Destiny

#GoDigital – Our vision is to equip all PMETs in Singapore with digital marketing skills and knowledge to pursue good future job opportunities. A boutique training organisation focusing on building deep expertise in the digital marketing for the marketing and communication roles.

In 2020, we will kick start digital classes for working professionals in a small class setting (maximum 10) to provide high quality learning opportunities. To equip our students with advance digital marketing skills, knowledge, industry recognised certifications and hands on experience. Will further enhanced involvement from current employers and industry practitioners from vertical industry like travel and real estate.

Our highly skilled industry practitioners will co-develop the course framework with our team of veteran trainers.

Current industry practitioners will inspire non-digital professional talents to continuously upgrade their skills and informed learning and career choices through the connect them with industry veterans to share their industry insights and experience. Near future, a career director will provide career guidance, networking opportunities and job training matching placement.


The WSQ is a national credential system that trains, develops, assesses and certifies skills and competencies for the workforce. As a continuing education and training (CET) system, WSQ supports the SkillsFuture movement to:

  • Promote recognition of skills and competencies to facilitate progression, mastery and mobility;
  • Promote holistic development of the workforce through technical and generic skills and competencies;
  • Support economic development by professionalizing skills and competencies to drive industry transformation, productivity and innovation efforts; and
  • Encourage lifelong learning.

Training programmer developed under the WSQ system are based on skills and competencies validated by employers, unions and professional bodies. This process ensures existing and emerging skills and competencies that are in demand are used to inform training and development under WSQ. With the roll out of the Skills Frameworks* in 2016, the WSQ adopts the skills and competencies covered in the Skills Frameworks. The WSQ programmers are funded and quality-assured by SkillsFuture Singapore, which awards the WSQ certifications.

Singapore Citizen Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs) who are made redundant or unemployed and actively looking for jobs for six months or more can take on new jobs paying a gross monthly salary of at least $4,000 ($3,600 for SMEs).

Professional Conversion Programmers (PCPs) are career conversion programmers for mid-career PMETs (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians), to undergo skills conversion and move into new occupations or sectors that have good prospects and opportunities for progression

All PMETs, our courses are opened to all companies as well as individuals from the general public.

All membership applications are subjected to management’s approval.

WHY ehub365?

We are here to help you boost your productivity in work, open your career path and win the market.


Intrustor Profile

George Foo - CEO

“Impossible is nothing”

COO, IH Digital & Digital 38
Digital Agencies across 8 Countries

Education and Certification
Bachelor, University of Oregon (USA)
Digital Marketing Since 1999
Speaker & Corporate Trainer

Joseph Foo - Business Development

“Learning stays young”

VP, Rendezvous Hospitality Group
VP, Straits Trading Company
DY Director, APM Property Management

Education and Certification
Singapore Hotel Training and Educational Centre
Hospitality Management Since 1990
CEA Registered

Sally Teo - Training Manager

“Education is life itself”

Regional HR Manager, Jebsen & Jessen

Education and Certification
Master, The University of Southern Queensland
HR Management Since 1999
ACTA Certified Since 2008

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